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(SS-Obersturmführer Fredrik Jensen)

Fredrik Jensen was the only Norwegian who was decorated with the German cross in gold on 7. December 1944 as SS-Obersturmführer and leader 7.Kompanie / SS-Panzergrenadierregiment 9 “Germania” / 5.SS-Panzerdivision Wiking. Jensen began his service with SS-Reg. ”Der Führer”, until he was wounded near Moscow. Fredrik Jensen was one of the few Norwegian soldiers who came close enough to see Moscow far away.

He was sentenced to 3 months in jail under the Legal purge in Norway after World War II, and was also sentenced to a loss of citizen's rights for 10 years. After served his prison sentence, he settled down in Sweden as a foreman and had great success in fabrication machinery. Jensen was a registered "war criminal" in Interpol's archives, and was arrested and deported from the USA during a holiday in 1994. Jensen currently lives in Malaga in Spain. In June 2007, he was put under police investigation and was accused of assisting war criminal Aribert Heim. The accusation was denied by Jensen.

The Highest Awarded Men From
Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway:

Fredrik Jensen - German Cross in Gold.

Johannes Just Nielsen - Ehrenblatt
Alfred Jonstrup - Ehrenblatt
Egon Christophersen - Ritterkreuz
Per Sörensen - German Cross in Gold, Ehrenblatt
Johannes Hellmers - Ritterkreuz, German Cross in Gold
Sören Kam - Ritterkreuz
Georg Erichsen - Ehrenblatt

H.G. Pehrsson - Ehrenblatt
S.E. Olsson - German Cross in Gold.

Kalevi Könönen - Ehrenblatt
Yrjö Pyyhtiä - Ehrenblatt
Ola Olin - German Cross in Gold