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Field Service Cap.

Waffen-SS field service or forage caps were issued in a number of patterns, all which appeared with variations in insignia. The no-visored cap came in two patterns, one stled after the Army cap and the other based on the Luftwaffes forage cap (Fliegermütze). In 1943 a visored cap, very similar to the mountain cap was introduced and known as the M1943 (Modell 43).

Caps for enlisted men and NCOs were palin, where as officers and Standartenoberjunker wore silver piping. Waffenfarbe did not always appear on the non-visored caps. When it did, however, it took the from of an inverted "V" on the front of the turn-up. The Totenkopf insignia was enclosed by this inverted "V" in Waffenfarbe.

Officers and specialist NCOs were given the option to wear the forage caps or the old style Army field cap which closely resembled the service cap, but with soft leather visor witout cap cords.

SS Style Field Service Cap (Side Cap).

A new forage cap was intrduced in mid-1940 for the Waffen-SS in the style of the Luftwaffes forage cap. Waffenfarbe was sometimes worn as an inverted "V" which contained the Totenkopf. Officers wore a higher-quality cap with an aluminum thread piping around the turn-up. The cap was decorated with a white or silver thread eagle worn above the a similar Totenkopf on the front. White fur ear-covers were available for this model.

Optional Field Service Cap, "OLD STYLE".
Officers and SS-Standartenoberjunker could wear an alternative field service cap known as the "Old Style Officers" Field Service Cap (Offizierfeldmützen älterer Art). This cap was similar in appearance to the Service/Peak/Visor Cap, but with less elaborate insignia. The silver cap cords were omitted and the visor was in either soft leather or cloth. It was required to be withdrawn from use on 1st April 1942, but was possibly retained after this date.

"Offizierfeldmützen älterer Art"
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