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In 1943 a visored cap in wool was introduced for all troops and known as the Einheitsmütze. Its design was based on the mountain cap, whose style had been derived from visored Austrian cap of World War I. The turn-up could be pulled down to protect the neck and ears with flaps buttoning across the chin. As in the mountain and Army style caps, the turn-ups was scalloped in front to permit vision when pulled down. The turn-up was fastened in front by either one large or two small buttons.

The cap was plain an unpiped for enlisted men and NCOs. It was piped around the crown for officers.
The M1943 insignia consisted of the SS eagle and Totenkopf in grey or white embroidery. The eagle could be worn over the Totenkopf on the front of the cap. A special cloth badge incorporating the two insignia was also worn, manufactured mainly by BeVo of Wuppertal. The Totenkopf could also be worn on front while the eagle was on the left side of the turn-up.

A pattern of the M1943 was produced in camouflage cloth and worn with or without the eagle and Totenkopf insignia.

Waffen-SS Camouflage Caps.(Left Oak, right Dot)
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A white cloth cover was issued for winter use in snowbound areas.

M43 Panzer Cap.
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