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The service of uniform cap was a peaked cap with feild-grey cover, black capband and black peak (visor). The cap-band for officers was a black velvet and a black wool for enlisted men. Officers and Standartenoberjunker wore a double silver cap cord fastened with silver buttons. NCOs wore a black leather strap fastened by two buttons. Waffenfarbe appeared above and below the cap-band and around the crown of the cap for officers and enlisted men. Waffen-SS generals wore caps with silver piping.

Waffen-SS Service Cap.
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The Waffen-SS eagle in silver metal was worn on the upper front portion of the cap and a silver SS Totenkopf was worn in the front of the capband. Non-SS eagles were sometimes worn, such as cloth or metal Army eagles, NSDAP eagles, etc., probably through lack of supplies.

Waffen-SS Cap Badges.
Although against regulations, many Waffen-SS personnel of all ranks removed the rigid cap spring in order to give their peaked cap a jauntier shape.

Waffen-SS Service Cap
with removed cap Spring.
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